Sports Betting 101 – Betting Tips

Sports Betting 101 - Betting Tips 1

Sports Betting 101 - Betting Tips

Throughout history, it was made known that the nobles and the emperor would actively involve themselves in Sports Betting  One example is the gladiator pit fight. Gladiators were pressured to fight against each other until a victor emerges. The audience would cheer for the gladiator that they bet on. Although those days are over, one thing remains constant and that is the active participation of sports betting.

The world of sports betting can be complex, but it does not have to be. The purpose of this article is to give input to individuals that are new to sports betting. Read on to find out what there is to know about sports betting.

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One crucial factor that everyone should know about Sports Betting is the sports betting odds. Odds let bettors have a better understanding of how likely the outcomes of their bets are going to be and the potential of winning. Odds are also an indication of the amount of payout when the wager is won. There are three main types of odds.

Decimal odds are normally presented in the form of decimals. These odds are also known as the European odds, digital odds or continental odds. Decimal odds are used widely by most online football bookie. For example, if the odds are written as 3.0. By betting with a buck, you get 3 bucks when you win your bet. By deducting your original one-buck stake, you have earned a profit of 2 bucks.

Another type of odds is the fractional odds. These odds are presented in the form of a fraction. The number on the left side of the fraction is the amount that you will win if you bet on the amount on the right side of the fraction. For instance, when an odd is written as 3/1, if you have won your bet, you get 3 bucks for every buck you bet on. Another variation is such that the bet is written as 1/5. This, however, means you get 1 buck for every 5 bucks you bet on if you win the bet. This is also known as the British odds, UK odds, or traditional odds.

American odds are also known as the Moneyline odds or US odds. The odds are often expressed with the addition of a plus (+) and minus (-) sign. The odds with a minus sign are assigned for the favourites, and it signifies the amount you have to wager on to win 100 bucks. On the other hand, odds with a plus sign are assigned for the underdogs and it signifies the amount that you will get if you wager on 100 bucks. For example, +245 means, if the team you bet on wins, you get a total amount of 345 bucks – a hundred from your original stake and a profit of 245.

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FIFA World Cup is one of the leading sports events worldwide. When a station broadcasts a tournament live on television, it is sure to draw billions of viewers to tune in the match. The first FIFA World Cup was inaugurated in the 1930s. Not only was Uruguay elected as a host city, but the team defeated Argentina, their opponent in the Final and became the first team to bag champion in the World Cup. Regrettably, the FIFA tournament came to a standstill after 1938 due to World War II.

But the tough times didn’t last. 12 years later, the spirit of sports rekindled, and the FIFA tournaments resumed since. FIFA World Cup takes place once every four years.

After three years of international sectional tournaments, the FIFA World Cup selects 32 teams based on their qualifications and seeding rank. These teams will then compete against each other until they advance to the final, where a team will emerge as champion and take home the trophy.

The FIFA matches do not take the age or status of a player into consideration. The matured footballers have an edge on the field with their experience, while the fresh ones have an upper hand with their stamina.

With billions of viewership and the ever-growing participation in soccer betting, hundreds and millions of dollars are estimated to have been spent on betting. From marketing schemes to the thrilling process of picking out the winner and insane sports betting odds, these are all the things that make football fans go bananas! It is no wonder why everyone is obsessed with football.

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In the States, the Super Bowl is one of the major events people love to bet on. Super Bowl, or American football, is the largest rugby game and the American emblem. With a grand-scale production of merchandise collaboration and A-list celebrity performance, Super Bowl is one of the most-watched American television programs in the world. Even if you are not a football fan, you will get drawn in by the entertaining halftime performances. In the rising trend of online football betting, bettors can place their bets more easily outside of Nevada. It also allows bettors out of America to get into the fun of sports betting. To date, a record-breaking of $158.6 million’ worth of wager is recorded in the Nevada sportsbook.

NCAA March Madness is one of the sports events that all the sports fans and bettors pay close interests in. Usually played in March, this is an annual sports event held in America since its creation in 1939. The match normally lasts about a month and it involves 68 college basketball teams going through seven rounds of single-elimination rounds until a winner is determined. The losing teams are eliminated immediately. The winning team will advance into the next round and face the other winning team. NCAA March Madness is one of the top Sports Betting options.

If you’re new to football betting, read this.

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Before diving into football betting, we need to talk about the upcoming UEFA Euro 2020! Taking place only once every four years, Euro 2020 is one of the most anticipated football events in the world. It is no doubt that football fans and bettors are thrilled about the arrival of this mammoth-scaled football event!

Markdown these important dates to make sure you do not miss out on the prime matches!

26/03/2020 – Play-off semi-finals 31/03/2020 – Play-off finals 12/06/2020 – Opening game: Turkey vs. Italy, takes place at Stadio Olimpico, Rome 12/07/2020 – Finals, held at Wembley Stadium, London

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA tournament, the UEFA committee has unanimously decided upon hosting the matches in 12 cities across the continent, instead of electing one host city only. They are London in England, Rome in Italy, Baku in Azerbaijan, Munich in Germany, Saint Petersburg in Russia, Budapest in Hungary, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Bucharest in Romania, Bilbao in Spain, Glasgow in Scotland, Dublin in Ireland, and Copenhagen in Denmark. This is by far, the most grandeur celebration ever carried out in the history of UEFA Euro, which means you mustn’t miss being part of such momentous experience!

Enough hyping of the UEFA Euro 2020. Now, let’s put our focus on football betting. Football betting is like any other sports betting. The type of the odds are similar and the tips and advices that you should adhere to are more or less the same too. The only thing different is its betting variations. Since football is one of the most famous sports in the world, different bets are invented to attract and meet the bettors’ preferences.

Asian handicap is one of the most common bets. Handicaps are given to the underdog team so both opponents have an equal chance of winning. To put it in example, 1.5 Team A (-0.5) v Team B (0.5) 1.5. The first figure ‘1.5’ is the odds available and the figure in brackets is the handicap given. This means that Team B receives an imaginary half a goal lead at the start of the match. If you bet on Team A who starts with half a goal down, they will have to score to win the match. But, if you bet on Team B, you win if the team wins the match or if it ends with a draw.

The Accumulator is a high-risk sports bet, but the sweet taste of high reward money is one thing that many bettors cannot resist. An Accumulator has a higher risk because the bettor only wins when all the selections in the bet are won. In simpler terms, if the one selection from the bet loses, you win nothing. The Accumulator is the combination of more than one selection combined into one wager. Another sports bet is Double, where you combine two selections into one bet. A Treble is combining three selections into one bet.

These days, football sports betting has become more convenient due to the ease of online football betting. All you need to do is pick out a betting site that caters to your need and you can start betting immediately after.

However, you can never be too careful with choosing a betting site, since fraudulent betting sites can never be eradicated. So, make sure the site you opt for is properly registered. Besides that, keep a lookout for the odds offered. Each site offers different odds; therefore, you must choose a betting site that offers the highest odd and one that you are most comfortable with. Most importantly, be a mindful bettor. It is easy to get carried away when you are in too deep betting, which could lead to becoming an addiction.

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