Like peanut butter and jelly, Sports Betting goes hand in hand with any sports events, especially during a major tournament or sports season. Back then, sports betting was difficult. We dealt with a bookie and we weren’t able to know the live results until it was announced. But gone are the troublesome days with the wind. Now, sports betting is available online and it is more accessible than it has ever been.

All sports betting sites claim that they have the best promotions and odds. But, how do we define a good Sports Betting site and decide which online sportsbook is better than the other?


Good reviews

Being in a social media-driven society, reviews are essential for a brand. Ultimately, all businesses and organizations strive to win the hearts of the netizens so they can leave a positive review on their sites and promote it through word-of-mouth. This is the same in the online betting industry. A sports betting site with good reviews means they have qualities and features that bettors find appealing. The more reviews a sports betting site has, the better the exposure it receives.

Bettors are always advised to go through the reviews and comments of a sports betting site before they dive right in and sign-up as a member, as it can provide an insight as to how trustworthy a Sports Betting site is based on their ratings.


Secured payment options

A convenient payment option is one of the main attributes that draw the attention of a bettor. Having more banking options will make it is easier for the bettors to deposit/withdraw money into/from their betting accounts. A shorter withdrawal time lets bettors cash out their prize-winning money quicker.

Besides, bettors want their monetary transactions to be protected. Before you proceed to do any transaction, make sure to check the top right corner of your browser tab for a green lock icon. The transaction is secured if the icon is present. If it is not, do not proceed with this betting site! Another quality that a fine sports betting site has is the availability of switching between currencies and languages. This diminishes the language and currency barrier and makes it easier for bettors coming from different regions.


Catering to the bettors’ needs

Another good quality that a sports betting site should have, is their low-risk factor. Inexperienced bettors are clueless about sports betting most of the time. By offering different kinds of discounts and rebates can help them in keeping their losses to a minimum. Depending on the sites, some special promotions are offered. For example, a birthday month deposit promotion is offered to the players if they deposit a certain amount of money during their birthday month. Another example is the loyalty reward, in which rewards and bonuses are given to bettors that have hit a participation quota as an active member. You need to find out what those special rewards are, so you can reap the maximum rewards out of a betting site.  

There are many types of bets available in the market. A good sports betting site should offer different kinds of bets for different kinds of bettors, some like to go big while some like to play it safe. Accommodating wider demography can maximize a site’s exposure and boost revenue.

One of the common types of bets is a fixed-odds sports bet. The bookie normally offers a fixed odd and then the bettors bet on the sports match with the provided odds. When the winner wins, the bookie simply pays the winner. If a 10 bucks’ wager is placed on an odd of 2/1, the winner gets a total profit 30 bucks, which comprises 20 bucks of prize-winning money and the original stake of 10 bucks.

In-play sports bet, also known as live sports bet, is where wagers are allowed to be placed during the match, at any time before the match ends. This opens up different betting chances, as the bettors can have a better understanding of the match before they begin betting. More precise judgment can be made which will result in a higher chance of winning.

Pari-mutuel sports bet, a.k.a pool betting, is a type of bet that is made in the absence of a bookmaker. Instead of betting against the bookie, bettors are betting against each other at the same sports event. All the bet money will go to the accumulated prize pool and the money is divided among the bettors that bet on the same winning outcome.


E-sports betting is a new type of sports betting. Sports bettors are not betting on physical sports, rather, they are betting on video game tournaments. The generous cash prizes and opulent sponsorship attract gamers from all over the globe to participate. The tournaments are usually held in front of a live audience to create better hype. Famous multiplayer video games like Call of Duty, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends are very popular in most sports betting sites. Players are assigned to different teams and compete against each other.


Extended sports segment

When it comes to sports, the types and variations are endless. People bet on all kinds of sports events, not just on football matches. It is a bonus if a betting site offers different types of sports. A few of the common sports betting includes football, basketball, baseball, horse racing, and golf.

Watching the match is another enjoyment that most bettors seek for. Sports fans are willing to pay a good amount of money to watch the sports event live in the stadium. But for those who are unable to get access, football live streaming is a game-changing feature that an online sportsbook should have to let sports fans catch the games live.

Other than having different forms of sports betting, an online sportsbook should have a news segment, where all the current sports news are posted to keep the bettors updated about the latest news. Since football is the most famous form of sports betting in Malaysia, most sportsbooks in Malaysia have football news posted on their site to keep the players in the loop of a sports event.  In return, bettors can make a better judgement in the following sports bet.


Mistakes that rookie bettors make in sports betting

In the sports betting industries, all mistakes cost money. But how much money can a person lose before they learn to be smart with their choices? This segment is created so that bettors that are foreign to the betting community would not fall prey to one of these mistakes.

First, try not to bet under a poor influence. This includes all kinds of influence; be it drugs or emotions. When you are drunk, high or not in the right headspace, you won’t be able to make wise decisions. How can you win if you place a bet without proper strategizing?

Secondly, you should not bet only on your favorites. This creates a biased judgment as you would always bet on your favorite team to win without any factual base. Your favorite teams are not necessarily the stronger teams all the time. You should consider every aspect of the participating teams before placing a bet, such as the match statistics and the odds.

Betting on a sports event a bettor does not know of is another dire mistake. As consumers, we are prone to betting on high-profile tournaments, famous teams or renowned players because of the hype. Truth is that bettors have little to no knowledge about that particular sports. Which leads to having the bookies take advantage of us because of the lack of knowledge, bettors normally lose the bets they place.  

Discipline is a virtue that all sports bettors should have. They should know when to continue and when to stop so they are not troubled by the consequences of uncontrollable sports betting. Set a budget for yourself and follow through. Poor money management is a pricy mistake that even the seasoned bettors make sometimes. When it is time to stop, refrain yourself from betting any more. Do not try to chase after the losses. Bettors always think that they can win back the lost money by betting more. That is one misconception that everyone should stop believing. When you are betting in desperation, you will not able to make a well-thought bet because your mind is fixated to winning only. By betting in such a manner, your chances of winning don’t change. Matter fact, you will put yourself in jeopardy and face a higher risk of losing more money.  

All in all, there is no harm in sports betting as long as you are doing so in a clear mind and are unaffected by what is happening around you. As a sports bettor, you should keep in mind that you are the only one who can make the most out of the bets you place. Therefore, you should always be a mindful bettor and choose a good sports betting site and control yourself so you can maximize your sports betting experience.

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