The Types of Online Games to Bet On

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 1

The Types of Online Games to Bet On

When it comes to an online sportsbook, each sportsbook will provide a wide selection of games for players to choose and bet from. Although you might see many of the same types of games available for betting, some may offer more variety; some may be more specialized. At the end of the day, it is all about finding out what works best for you.

ONS88 is primarily a sportsbook, offering sports games, virtual sports, E-sports. But you can also expect the more standard ones, like live casino and slot games. Here is a rundown on what you can expect with these categories of games that ONS88 offers. 

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 2

E-sports and Sports Betting Games

If you are more interested in sports, then physical sports events such as football, basketball, tennis etc. that ONS offers should do the trick because each category of games consists of a separate set of odds unique to each game—apart from universal odds such as Parlay, Full Time, Half Time, etc. Players can make things more interesting by betting on a combination of standard odds plus more specific ones such as the Asian Handicap, 1×2, and more. And if physical sports aren’t part of your appeal, you could go digital in the world of E-sports, with popular games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft, etc., that are available for you to bet on. E-sports betting is quite similar to actual sports betting and consists of various genres such as real-time strategy, fighting, racing, motorsports, MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), and first-person shooters. The industry has come a long way since 2007 when XLBet became the first sports betting platform to offer bets for E-sports. Since then, the industry has thrived to become a multi-million dollar industry with a net worth of US$ 865m and up to 15 million E-sports bets by 2019. As its popularity surged amongst players, more and more sportsbooks are beginning to dedicate resources to build up their E-sports-specific offering—allowing players with an interest in E-sports to be even more engaged with what they love. And it wasn’t until 2015 that bookmakers from all around offered betting opportunities for E-sports. Each category of E-sports has its own set of odds, ranging from American odds, European odds, Indonesian odds, Decimal odds, and Hong Kong odds. ONS88 is a sportsbook that offers both categories of sports, catering to its player base and providing them new betting opportunities—betting on sports and E-sports—for an online betting experience that captures the best of both worlds.

Virtual Sports

Not to be confused with E-sports, virtual sports is a form of sports betting that has emerged with the advancements of digital technology. It is a form of online betting that offers players the opportunity to bet on simulated sports events at any time or day. In short, highly sophisticated software is used to simulate the likely outcomes of major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, and they are almost indistinguishable from the actual thing. 

The only difference between betting on virtual sports and betting on real-world events is that the sportsbook is the one that determines who is competing and when the virtual events occur—typically at fast-paced and regular intervals. Besides that, the mechanics are just like normal sports betting, with the most common bets being bets placed on the likely winner of the event based on odds or a moneyline.

Players can bet on sports included in their preferred sportsbook, such as cycling, football, greyhound racing, horse racing, motorsports, etc. There is basically no end to how you can adjust your online betting strategy for each type of game and the type of bets you choose. Typically, every virtual sport will have a variety of proposition bets. For example, trifectas or exactas in horse racing, or the number of goals that will be scored during a match.

In essence, virtual sports betting gives players one extra gateway to the world of sports betting as the results of these bets have no influence on real-world events—players can bet easily without a worry.

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 3

Casino Games

As its namesake implies, casino games comprise games commonly found in physical casinos such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Sic Bo. There are also other variations of these games, such as Royal Roulette, 5-card Blackjack, as well as other games that are popular depending on the region, such as Dragon Tiger.

There are also live variants of the above games where you will get to interact with a live dealer as you play.

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 4


A table game where players and the banker are dealt two cards. The player or banker with a hand closest to nine wins. Winnings are doubled if the player bets on the player hand. And if the player bets on the banker’s hand, they receive 95% of their winnings. 

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 5


In this game, players play against the dealer. Players can take a conservative approach and accumulate winnings throughout a game or pursue adventurous outcomes such as Blackjack, Five Cards, or 21 when the opportunity arises.

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 6


Players select a number then throw a ball to see where it lands. If it lands on their selected number, they win. There are variations of the game with different rules. In European rules, its wheel features one zero, 37 coloured and numbered pockets on the wheel. Whereas, in American roulette the wheel has 38 divisions, including numbers 1 to 36, 0 and 00. Numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately coloured red and black, while the single and double zero is marked in green.

It being a game of chance, Roulette can be thought of as the western version of Sic Bo – except with a wheel. The purpose of this game is to make an inside or outside bet, and if a ball lands on a chosen number, winnings will be given out. 

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 7

Lottery Games

Other types of games include lottery games such as Keno, Number Game.

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 8


Keno is a type of lottery game where players wager by choosing numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Then 20 numbers will be drawn randomly by a random number generator. And if a player’s selected number falls on the paytable—the series of payouts—players will be rewarded based on how many of their numbers matched the payable and the value of the wager.

Number Game

This is a type of lottery game where a series of numbers are individually drawn randomly using a random number generator. Depending on your provider, the numbers being drawn can range from 4 to 6, and having a complete match across all those numbers will bring a huge payout to the lucky winner.

The Types of Online Games to Bet On 9


The mechanics of slot machines work in such a way where there are three or more reels per row, with up to 256 virtual symbols on digital slots and millions of combinations. These combinations of symbols are called “paylines”, and the goal of slots is to achieve as many paylines as possible. Each slot game contains random number generators that generate thousands of numbers associated with a different combination of symbols every time you spin.

And the outcome of each spin—whether you win or lose—is independent and unrelated to previous spins, so if a symbol matches the payline, you win and vice versa. As the numbers are randomly generated, there is no way to predict what will happen during each spin. 

Slot games can come in many shapes and forms. From jungle themed, sports-themed, or even based on fantasy, the mechanics are similar, and you can very easily jump from one slot game to another.

In a Nutshell

Whether it’s sports, E-sports, virtual sports or live games, now is the time to expand your online betting options. There is always something for everyone, so make ONS your preferred sportsbook now.

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