Know When to Bet and What to Bet On

Know When to Bet and What to Bet On 1

Learn About the Types of Bets and What to Bet On with ONS88

The world of sports betting and its terms can sometimes feel like you are walking through an intimidating fog. Other than betting for full-time results, there are other ways you can maximize your winnings; by taking advantage of your newfound knowledge about the different types of odds available.  There are multiple types of odds you can choose from:
  • Early Odds
  • Live Odds
  • Futures 
  • Over/Under
Know When to Bet and What to Bet On 2

Live Odds

These are odds that will be updated following the build-up to an event and also while the event plays out. This means that players who are losing their current bet can take on another bet to negate their losses and make the best of a bad situation. It is very common in sporting events and is available to the end of the match. These are odds given out by bookmakers during a game rather than before it. It can also be used to describe other betting situations whereby the odds are not fixed — odds on the posted bet can fluctuate during the period where the bet is ‘live’. But when you hear it being talked about by players alike, what they typically are referring to is in-play betting. Especially common in football, having live odds can encourage players to start betting once the situation becomes favourable for them again —sometimes certain events such as a goal scored can dramatically change the outcome of the event. These are odds offered by online sports betting during match days and are updated according to different factors that may influence the ongoing game. Say, for example, you are watching the Netherlands versus England, and the score is tied at halftime. But the Netherlands are the aggressor, and the odds move to +160 in the other half. If your gut feeling tells you that the Dutch team has a better chance of winning, then you should put your money down at better odds.
Know When to Bet and What to Bet On 3

Early Odds

The inverse of live odds. These are odds that are shown before the start of a match where players can place their bets immediately.


Futures are when you make a bet for what the expected outcome will be at the end of a round for a group stage. Ideal for when you intend to make long term bets; you can make bets such as which player will be league MVP. The only issue is that your funds could be tied up for a long while, especially if you make large bets on favourites to win the tournament. But if it goes in your favour, then you could be recovering a huge payout at the end of the tournament.


These odds are also known as total betting and involve the player having to bet on combined goals scored by the two teams competing with each other and whether the sum of those goals will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction

The few choices that you can bet on is the total score being more or less than the total. Only the total 90 minutes plus injury time counts towards a full game bet unless indicated otherwise by the sheets or odd boards. The results from extra time or penalty shootouts are not used to count a winning wager

If the total goals are set at 2 goals for the match, and you believe the combined score of both teams will be three or more goals, then the bet will be over. And if you believe the combined score will be two goals or less, then the bet will be under. This also applies to the total number of corner kicks from one or both teams and whether they fall over or under a specified total.
Know When to Bet and What to Bet On 4

Asian Handicap

Asian handicap serves as an alternative to traditional 1×2 betting whereby it reduces the number of possible outcomes to just two — win or loss. For example, if Chelsea has a -0.5 handicap against Liverpool, this means that a bet against Chelsea will only payout when Chelsea wins the game. While a +0.5 handicap bet on Chelsea will payout only if Chelsea wins the game or draws against Liverpool. 

Things become more complex when quarter goals or two way-handicaps are involved. For example, if Chelsea has a -0.25 favourite over Liverpool, this means that the bet is now split into two halves; the first half being a -0.5 handicap while the other half becomes a zero handicap, and therefore, the entire bet is paid out if Chelsea wins. But if the match ends in a draw, half the bet is lost, and half is refunded.

1x2 Betting

This form of online sports betting, also known as matched betting, three-way betting or full-time betting, is popular in football and other sports where a draw is a possible outcome. 1×2 represents three possible outcomes — win, draw, or loss. There is no handicap given, but the odds are shown indicating the chances of each outcome that occurs.  In this example, this is a fixture between Liverpool and Everton:  (1) Liverpool -208 (X) Draw +320 (2) Everton +290 Everton is the underdog while Liverpool is the favourite. Meaning you will win your wager if you place your bet on Everton.

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